4 Gains From Adding Video Conferencing To Your Business

4 Gains From Adding Video Conferencing To Your Business

The enterprise video market is expected to grow from an estimated USD 16.34 Billion in 2017 to USD 40.84 Billion by 2022

Why such substantial growth?

Businesses are incorporating video conferencing and webinars into their business operations due to the growing need for real-time collaboration among geographically disperse workforces.

Video Conferencing has been around for quite some time, but many businesses have only started to deploy this solution over the last several years. It is more accessable than ever as it’s now available on mobile devices and boardrooms alike. It can be accessed in the office, at home and on the road.

If your business hasn’t yet embraced video conferencing, it’s time consider it.

4 Compelling Reasons to Start Using Video Conferencing or Your Business Meetings

Whether you have clients overseas or staff stationed around the country, web conferencing helps you stay connected and save on the costs and hassles of traveling to meet in person.

1. A Personalized Meeting Experience. Stronger Relationships.

Having a conversation over video adds a personal touch to a quick chat, one on one conversation or business meeting that just isn’t the same with a phone call or instant messaging. Relationships with colleagues and clients become stronger when Video Conference is used. This more lifelike interaction fosters greater productivity and efficiencies among teams and helps to close deals with clients.

2. Serious Savings for the Travel Budget

While business trips are sometimes required, imagine how much money could be saved by cutting out non-essential travel and investing in a high-quality video conferencing solution. The ROI on this type of savings is easy to determine and usually pays for the Video Conferencing service in less that 3 months.

3. Encourage Productivity with Remote Workers

You might have team members stationed around the country, make use of freelancers, or have representatives working from home. Instead of endless e-mail chains and several disconnected conversations, you can keep in touch connect in real-time as if you were all sitting in the same room.

Imagine hosting a weekly meeting with your design team over the web, then turning adding a freelancer to the meeting so that they better understand their role in the project – it streamlines projects and keeps productivity up when everyone stays involved.

The ability to share desktop presentations and see the participant’s facial reactions allows for better communication and often quicker decisions to be made.

4. Boost Customer Service Ratings in a Flash

Using Video Chat to communicate with clients existing and new give a personalized touch that can go a long way, especially in the sales area. A large portion of how we communicate is non-verbal which makes Video Communication that much more important when working with our most important asset. Our Customers.

What Video Conferencing Do We Recommend for Your Business?

Whether you want to host a weekly webinar for employee training or keep in touch with customers, you need a solution that offers high-quality, reliable video.

Altitude Communications recommends both Zoom and Lifesize to fulfill different needs. Both vendors offer great video conferencing capabilities with excellent video quality and sound.

Zoom is a web conferencing service that is specially engineered to offer stable, reliable cloud based video services. One Zoom meeting can host up to 500 participants, and you can scale their services to your meeting needs.

Lifesize is has both high quality cameras and web based options. Through a unique integration of plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones with easy-to-use cloud-based conferencing software, they deliver a meeting experience like no other.

Pair Your Video Conferencing with a Business Phone Solution

While you might use web conferencing to replace in-person meetings, you still need a high-quality business phone service that keeps you connected to the world.

At Altitude Communications, we offer a hosted phone service that combines with Zoom and Lifesize video conferencing solutions for maximum connectivity always.

Explore our AltiSphere Hosted Phone Service or review our other connectivity options to grow your business’s reach.

Call our sales staff to receive a quote for your communications at 403-538-5555 or chat with us online.

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