Unified communications and your small business: Time for the switch?

Chances are, your business is already in a situation that would benefit from unified communications.Unified communications ‘unify’ communications of all forms – text, video, phone, email, and voice – and lets you manage them from a single device, thereby optimizing the efficiency of your business communications.…

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Telecommuting – A Great Perk or Resource Waster?

For many reasons working from a home office has become a popular solution for many businesses; large, small and everything in between. As an employee working for a smaller company that allows me the option to occasionally work from home.I appreciate the flexibility as I use these days to play catch-up…

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The Mobile Workforce: Can This Work for You?

The Mobile Workforce: Can This Work for You?We see it every day – mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred communication and productivity tool of choice. Desktop computers aren’t obsolete, but there’s no denying the mobile movement has made a big impact, especially in the businesses world.…

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Cloud-Based Telephone Systems for Business

Cloud-Based Telephone Systems for Business A Business Telephone System Taking Canada by StormCommunication is important for any organization’s success. Regardless of the size of a company or the field it’s based in, the system a company uses to communicate can save time, money and increase their client…

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Alti-Client Event with the Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Studio

Well that was fun! We want to thank everyone that was able to make our event on Tuesday we hope you enjoyed it. If you weren't able to be there here's a few moments from the afternoon.We held the event at the National Music Centre in the historical King Eddy. We are all set up and ready to go! Team Altitude…

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4 Gains From Adding Video Conferencing To Your Business

4 Gains From Adding Video Conferencing To Your Business The enterprise video market is expected to grow from an estimated USD 16.34 Billion in 2017 to USD 40.84 Billion by 2022 Why such substantial growth? Businesses are incorporating video conferencing and webinars into their business operations…

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