The Mobile Workforce: Can This Work for You?

The Mobile Workforce: Can This Work for You?

We see it every day – mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred communication and productivity tool of choice.

Desktop computers aren’t obsolete, but there’s no denying the mobile movement has made a big impact, especially in the businesses world. Organizations are paying attention and looking for the right solution for their environment.

Is the mobile workforce the answer? Everyone can appreciate unified communications that work, and mobile technology has the capability to help almost any company. No matter the size of a company, mobility brings tools and flexibility that can’t be found sitting at a desk.

Why Mobility Has Become So Important?

As a society, we are on the go more than ever. We are pulled in many directions and can feel overwhelmed and overloaded with all the different modes of communication we need to stay on top of. You have to call your client as you’re running to a meeting, and by the time you get back from lunch you have forgotten all about that email you were supposed to send. Since the modern workday can be so disruptive, companies are always searching for ways to increase productivity while improving the employee and customer experience.

Utilizing a unified communications tool incorporates the best of both worlds.Workers can enjoy the mobility that promotes improved networking and seamless communications both ‘on the road’ and in a desk. True Unified Communications is an integration of real-time enterprise communication services such as; instant messaging, presence information, voice, mobility features (including extension mobility and single number reach), audio, web & video conferencing, desktop sharing, along with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). UC is not necessarily a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

The unified communications mobility toolset means that your system works no matter where you are, and this can be very valuable for organizations and entrepreneurs who are on the move all day.

Having the Right Tools for Cross-Platform Compatibility

Mobile’s dominance in the professional world doesn’t just mean that individuals are looking for a one-device solution. They are looking for a seamless solution that works on multiple devices and allow users to take advantage of mobile options without being limited.

Unified communications make it easy for businesses to view and exchange data cross multiple devices. In a situation where time and resources are limited, this can be extremely valuable. Being able to reach your data wherever you are, on whatever device is in your hand, is a must in this fast-paced world.

Productivity Comes from Increased Versatility

The capabilities of the mobile workforce are evident in the various types of communication this platform allows for. Businesses often take advantage of all methods, including traditional phone calls, video conferencing, emails, text messaging, and more. Unified communications make it easy to get all of these in a single, reliable system.

Being able to use UC and mobility methods makes it easier to accomplish organizational objectives and react to the business, client and employee needs more effectively. Mobility tools give you the flexibility to use the platforms the way they work for you, whether that is a work from home solution, a mobile office or working on the road.

The Widespread Benefits of the Mobile Market

Technology can seem complex, especially when it comes to an area like communications. With unified communications that works on multiple devices and in various locations, companies can improve their operations and reduce costs. Researching the right solution for your business and learning how you can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the customer experience is time well spent.

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